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WireGate Ranch - Home of trophy Whitetail.
Ranch History
In 1970 with the purchase 235 acres of prime central Texas real estate the dream of developing a home for quality whitetail deer began. We started by seeding the existing fields in clovers, alfalfa, and other select deer browse. Over the next several years, there was a gradual increase in the number as well as the quality of deer we saw on the property. A supplemental feeding program was begun. Again we observed an improvement in the whitetail herd.

Before long we realized that the gene pool could improve only if inferior mature breeding bucks were eliminated from the herd. We began a culling operation, but since the larger bucks were able to leave the property in search of doe, they were often harvested by a hunter on an adjoining lease.

By 1995, we realized the necessity of erecting a high fence around the perimeter of the ranch. We followed this construction with intensive management hunts leaving only the larger animals to do the breeding. The improvement in the herd was profound, but still we weren't satisfied.

As a retired agriculture science teacher with a degree from Texas A&M, Dad was very much aware of the effects of high quality feed on show animals so he started experimenting with different commercial feeds. The results were less than gratifying. He immediately began working on the development of a mineral mix and deer pellet based on his personal knowledge of animal nutrition. Now I look at the bucks he developed, and I love what I see. Their antlers are multi-pointed with unbelievable mass. This proprietary blend of minerals, which Dad called GrandeGro, along with our custom deer pellets, has made WireGate Ranch the place to hunt in central Texas.

When you come to WireGate Ranch, you will see plenty of deer, turkey, and other wildlife. You will stay in a comfortable lodge and enjoy delicious home cooked meals, but most importantly you will get the Trophy Buck of your dreams.

Book your central Texas hunt today at WireGate Ranch, where our number one priority is to put the serious whitetail deer hunter in a position to get their dream trophy.

Contact us for more information on hunts or our GrandeGro nutrition system.

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